Meat Mincer


Mince meat, vegetables and more with this handy mincer and sausage maker.

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Knowing where your food comes from, especially meat, is an increasingly important concern for the modern cook. We’ve seen enough food scandals over the years to know that what is says on the label isn’t always what it actually is.

So more and more of us are going healthy, and mincing our own meat these days, whether to make pies, burgers or a good old British Banger. This Meat Mincer is the best we’ve found.

You don’t need a degree to assemble or prepare it, and its ergonomic design makes it very easy to use. The mincer if perfect for all kinds of meats, vegetables, nuts and beans, and the set includes 2 mincing plates – coarse and fine – and a sausage making attachment as well.

The rubber suction clamp ensures that the mincer fixes securely to the worktop when you’re using it.

Length: 22cm
Width: 12cm
Height/Depth: 23.5cm